Infinite Depths of Planet Aurum

Racing against other parties of adventurers and a looming threat from the past, explore the depths of a lost planet and the lost technology at its heart. Learn the secrets of the Infinity Gates and the danger they represent in an adventure that explores the mystery and danger of an ancient empire.

This module is an extensive adventure done in the style of a traditional "dungeon delve." This offers a sci-fi-themed twist on the classic megadungeon - using a planet-hopping mechanic, players will explore several different environments and themes in a journey that's long enough to be a campaign unto itself. This uses the "Aurum" map set.

One Shot First

Through the course of six one-shot adventures, discover a secret lost to the ravages of time, seek out justice for a man accused of murder, steal a valuable item from a museum in the middle of a gala, discover the location of a lost starship, grill suspects and solve a mystery, and defend a starship from attacks from all sides - and play them separately, linked together, or break them into component parts as adventure templates. The module supports all of these! Meanwhile, delve into the lore of the Savareen sector and equip players with new species options, weapons, gear, and vehicles.

One Shot First is a combination adventure book and sourcebook for the Savareen sector, home of Rodia. It's comparable in length and options to all the FFG-released sector sourcebooks, and its adventures are a twist on the modular encounters featured therein. It uses the "Rodia" map set.

The Quarantine Quandary

Tasked with retrieving an intelligence asset, the party finds themselves trapped on a station descending into madness as the result of a rare disease. Survival means careful collaboration with a party split from the word go!

This adventure is designed to be run with two simultaneous parties (with two GMs), although it is easily convertable back down to one. It is a short one-shot designed by Tommy "VerdantSF" Roddy, and used in his one-shot campaign series (see here). I collaborated with him to help convert the adventure for use with the two simultaneous parties and did some small encounter design, as well as editing and polishing and the art used in the module. It uses the "Pirate Space Station" map set.

A Primal Enterprise

When the party takes a job for a businessman in the Outer
Rim, what starts as a routine escort and bodyguard job gets
complicated quickly when the ship they're traveling in crashes
on a junkyard planet. As the players learn the cause of the
crash, they learn that far more is at stake than the fate of
their escorted charge.
This adventure is a great adventure for characters looking to
become more involved in the struggle against the Empire. It
uses the "Space Station," "Uvena Prime, " and "Korad" map

Echoes of the Past

Sought out by an historian on the run, the party is hired to
help rediscover an ancient cache of knowledge. Hot on their
employer's trail, though, is a group of dark hunters that would
like nothing more than to see that knowledge destroyed.

This adventure is a single "dungeon delve" that can be
capped off with an (included) optional antagonist confrontation.
It uses the "Nar Shaddaa," "Tython," and "Mon Calamari" map

Stalitz Flight

Trapped in the Imperial Stalitz prison, the party must find a
way to escape from a place where all roads lead to the inky
blackness of space.

This adventure is designed to be run as a sequel to "The
Bendu's Shadow," although it can be run as a stand-alone.
It uses the "Imperial Prison" and "Star Destroyer" map sets.

The Bendu's Shadow

When a chance meeting puts the party in the way of a Rebel
Intelligence operation, the party is hired on to rescue an
AWOL intelligence asset and capture the vessel the asset
was aboard.

This adventure wraps up with an optional hook into the "Stalitz
Flight" adventure. It uses the Corellian Corvette deckplans.