Edge of the Empire - Assorted Work

What I've worked on:

•Designed and written three modules
•Designed and drawn several 2D maps
•Written an Android tool for use with the game

Working with Edge of the Empire, a Star Wars pen-and-paper RPG, is slightly off-the-beaten-path for me. At some point, though, I decided that it would
be useful to have some practice in a traditional RPG to better understand the relationship between player decisions and player expectations.

What this experience has reinforced in me is the understanding that player experience - versus design intent - is paramount. That's not to speak of the
omnipresent "say 'yes,' and" or "say 'yes, but" - what I mean is that, for me, it's really easy to get my head stuck in a place that revels in the sanctity
of my own design to the (possible) detriment of the player's enjoyment.

In playing a game where making changes is both easy and quick, It became easy to justify (to myself) making changes to my original design to test them
out, and in doing so, I was able to see where design decisions needed to give to make the experience a more positive one for the player.

Additionally, working in a traditional RPG has shined a light on the spectrum ranging from open-world to linear design. It's not to say, of course, that
this represents new information (to me or anyone), but seeing how different types of players react to different types of worlds (linear, freeform, or some-
-where in between) and how those desires change as a game progresses has been a beneficial exercise.

I've partitioned off part of my website as a resource page for my work in Edge of the Empire. See it here:
Edge of the Empire - RPG Supplemental Material