Star Wars RPG Multi-Generator

This is an evolution of my earlier NPC Name/Personality Generator. It has three large generation tools, each of which tap into each other, all of which use random name and statistic generation.

The first of the three tools is a quest generator, which creates a robust quest template that includes theme and setting, environmental challenges, adversaries, and objective overviews. The second generator is a detailed weapon generation tool which includes a weapon silhouette generator with a huge variety of outcomes. Finally, the last tool is a revamp of my original NPC generation tool, which includes several minor content updates.

All three tools can be printed and saved to your computer as an image file, for GMs or users who want to hang on to a randomly-generated outcome for later.

Use the Star Wars RPG Multi-Generator

One Page SWRPG Character Sheet PDF

This is a quick project I did on request, converting the one-sheet character sheets from One Shot First into a standalone .pdf file. Make sure you download it - I know that the free Adobe Reader uses its features just fine, but it won't be "fully operational" in the Dropbox preview.

The sheet is a straightforward design, but I did script in a small amount of automation to prevent anyone from having to deal with setting up all the dicepools. Be advised that space for Force powers can be toggled on, and the sheet can switch between the three types of character hooks (Obligation, Duty, and Morality).

Download sheet Download One-Page SWRPG Character Sheet

NPC Name/Personality Generator

This is an in-progress tool used for generating basic
information for NPCs a GM might need to create on the spot.

This supports several different possible factors. It creates a
simple personality profile, which weights the occupations
and preferences of the NPC. The occupation is also weighted
by a toggleable location field, which GMs can use to set
appropriate NPC populations for specific types of areas.

The NPC is potentially further expanded with other basic
information, like home planet, goals, appearance, etc.

Use NPC Name/Personality Generator

Android EotE Dice Rolling app

This is a no-frills dice-rolling app I wrote, because it was more
fun writing one for myself than downloading the one FFG

It's not as pretty as the official app, but it's free. To install,
download the .apk file onto your Android phone and then run
the file. The easiest way for you to do this may be to e-mail
the file to yourself and then open the attachment on your

Download maps Download EotE Dice Rolling app

Map asset packs

I've compiled most of the image components I've made in
the process of putting together my maps. If you'd like to
try to make your own maps, feel free to use these.

These are assembled based on when (and for which
module) I made the assets.

Many of the base terrain textures are created using assets
from CGTextures. For more base textures like those, see
their website.

Download maps Download Tatooine assets
Download maps Download Bendu/Stalitz assets
Download maps Download Echoes assets
Download maps Download Primal assets

Pazaak Rules

This is an excerpt from the adventures "Stalitz Flight" and
"Echoes of the Past." I made these rules as a variant of the
Sabacc rules FFG had already published.

Download maps Download Pazaak rules pdf